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What is the eGAD-2?

The GAD-2, also known as the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 2-item scale, is a brief screening tool used to assess the presence and severity of generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. It was derived from the more comprehensive GAD-7 questionnaire and contains only the first two of the original seven items. The GAD-2 is often used as an initial screening tool to identify individuals who may be experiencing symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and require further evaluation.


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How to use the eGAD-2

Two questions are used in the GAD-2 to inquire about impairment due to nervousness, anxiety, being on edge, or worrying over the past two weeks. On a scale of 0 (Not at all) to 3 (Nearly every day), respondents indicate how often they have experienced these feelings in the last two weeks.

If a person scores 3 or higher when both questions are added together, an additional assessment using the full GAD-7 or other diagnostic tools may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder or to determine the appropriate treatment.


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The following versions of the eGAD-2 are available

egad 2 pdf

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egad 2 pdf or

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The importance of measuring symptoms of anxiety disorders in dermatological diseases

Measuring the GAD-2 in patients with dermatological conditions is crucial as it serves multiple important purposes: 


Firstly, dermatological conditions can be associated with heightened levels of anxiety, and screening for symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder using the GAD-2 helps identify individuals who may require further evaluation and appropriate psychological support. 


Secondly, assessing the impact on quality of life is essential, as dermatological conditions can have a profound psychological impact, and anxiety can amplify the negative emotional consequences. By incorporating the GAD-2 into evaluations, healthcare providers gain insights into the holistic well-being of patients, enabling them to tailor treatment plans to address both the physical and mental aspects. Additionally, the GAD-2 helps guide treatment decisions by identifying and addressing anxiety symptoms that can impact treatment outcomes, medication adherence, and overall satisfaction. 


Lastly, integrating mental health assessments enhances the overall care provided, by recognizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental health and ensuring comprehensive support for patients' well-being. By utilizing the GAD-2, healthcare providers can improve the overall management and outcomes of patients with dermatological conditions, addressing both their physical and psychological needs.


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The eGAD-2 is self-explanatory and easy to use.

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The questionnaire consists of 2 questions, and it takes on average only 1 minute to complete.

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The eGAD-2 enables the physician to make informed treatment decisions based on patient-reported data.

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The eGAD-2 is available in different languages. The use of the respective first language reduces language barriers and supports the understanding between physician and patient.

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Use the eGAD-2 to timely identify heightened levels of anxiety. 

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With DermaValue, your eGAD-2 is always just a few clicks away. The application is available for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

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Results from the eGAD-2 provide a patient-orientated analysis of the impact that chronic skin diseases have on patients' lives.

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Studies have shown that the GAD-2 is highly accurate in identifying clinically significant anxiety symptoms.

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Take care of the environment and save your patient data on the online platform or as PDF files for yourself and your physicians.